How to create a questionaire and connect it with a product database

I am new to bubble and want to create a questionairy which shows product suggestions based on the answers.

My Idea is to add Tags to the products and oonnect each answer of the questionaire to a tag also. Tags can have different types like must include, can include. - F.e. If the price is too high, the product should be excluded completely. On the other hand some tags like “funny” for example might rank the product higher or lower but would not exclude it completely.

In the end the product with the most matches should be on the top while less fitting products are below and some are excluded completly.

For the backend I need a site where I can add products and add tags to them.
A Question creation side and a customer facing site.

Are there any infos how I might create such a questionaire?

Thanks a lot.

Hi there! Welcome to Bubble - we are happy you found us. Thank you for posting your question. I looked in our How to Build series and I found the closest to what you are asking for is the Product Hunt clone: How To Build A Stack Overflow Clone Without Code - Bubble. Please review and happy building!