How to Create a Regular URL Slug

I’ve looked for an answer and couldn’t find it.

How do I know what the live URL of each of my pages is?

Additionally, I’d like to have one of the pages have a regular /privacy-policy slug, but I couldn’t find how to do this.

How do I do this?

Hi Jon,

The live URL is the same as your page name.

I own and connected it to my Bubble app. Now, is my URL for production / live.

The URL of each page will just be your base URL ( + the page name from the Bubble editor.


The only exception would be your index page, which you could access directly by or Going to the index in the URL will just rewrite the URL to

As far as your privacy-policy question, you’d just create a new page in the top left hand corner, and call it privacy-policy. At that point, after you pushed live, you could access it at

Hope this helps?