How to create a repeating group with different format?

Hi! I’m trying to create a repeating group of data type “request.” Is there any way I can determine the layout of each box in the repeating group based on the request’s value for a particular field? For example, in each individual box, I’d like to display buttons that allow users to respond to the request - but, I want to display different buttons depending on if it is the first or second request made between two users (requests have a numerical field called “number” that is set to either 1 or 2). But, I cannot figure out how to do this as will only allow me to edit the first box in each repeating group. Any help is appreciated and thank you so much!

Hey @annasnyder350

You can simply add a condition on the button, for the text of the button to change depending on the request’s value.

It would look like something like When Current cell’s number is 1 > Text: Value

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Thank you so much!! I did not think of that. I really appreciate your help!

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Welcome, glad I could be of help

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