How to create a scrubber/position selector/slider?

Hello I’m trying to create the following scrubber bar - is this possible in bubble? I am unsure where to start

(just the position bar! I have the data and can change the audio if I can just move and detect the position)

Thanks for any help!

Can the progress bar plugin from bubble help with this?

Thanks I didn’t know about it, that makes sense! But I’m wondering how to use it to scrub to detect if they are dragging it or pressing it in a particular location so we can move them in the audio.

I’m not exactly sure, but the plugin uses dynamic data to set the position of the progress bar, which I am only thinking could be used to help “illustrate” to the user where they are clicking or dragging to.

I have no idea, but thats where I personally would be starting to test if there is a way to accomplish your goal. It seems like something that there may be a plugin that is more specific as it seems like it would most likely require some coding since it needs to recognize the length of the particular audio file and adjust all parameters accordingly. Plus the drag or click aspect seems like it needs to “detect” where on the scrubber, in accordance with audio file length, the user has clicked or dragged to.

It doesn’t allow it but it feels like something might be doable because look at this, its in the bubble menus… will search more plugins thanks.

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