How to create a temporary Thing of Custom Data Type without writing to database?

I’d like to be able to set a Group / Repeating group to have “type of content” set to a Custom Data type and then display data in that Group / Repeating group without writing to my database.

Here are two examples where I wanted to do this:

I created a Custom Data Type called GPS Placeholder with fields GPS (type geographic address) and URL (type text). I wanted to set a Group to have that custom data type and display a record in the group of a temporary GPS Placeholder composed of geograghic location = Current Geographic location and URL = current URL. If the group were type geographic address, I would have no problem setting the value to be the current geographic location, but since it’s a Custom Data Type, the only way I know to make this work is to create a new GPS Placeholder object and make the data source be the result of that search.

Similar example, I wanted to display the result of a Google Places API call (which returned a list of points of interest along with other information) in a repeating group with Type of content set as a Custom Data Type called Google Place Results. This way, I could manipulate the data in the RG without saving it to my database. But again, didn’t know how to do that…

I’m hoping I’m missing a technique. Does my explanation make sense? Is there a way to do this in Bubble?

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When you use API Connector and set it to type “Data” this will create a Data type exactly like if this was a DB. The example for Googles place API will work doing this. You can also store the result directly into DB as a field like if this was a related DB.

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