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How to create a user from new entry and set the password

The first step is to create a user from new entry.
At this time, however, the
Set your e-mail address to the one you actually use.

Prepare the password reset screen.
Make an input field for the email and a send button. Here is the workflow.
(send password reset email)

Preview the screen, and then click
Enter the email address of the account you just created and submit it.

Jumped to the link you received in your email.
you will be able to set your password.

Go to the user’s App data and click
Change the email address.

Repeat this.
This way, you can create multiple users and passwords.
It takes some time. :sweat_smile:

If you don’t press “send password reset email” after “run as→” from the user’s app data, it will continue to be recognized as the same account.