HOW TO CREATE AN ALERT (AUDIO) in my bubble app

Hello guys.

I want to create an audio alert which is played when a new thing is created in the database. The user who gets the alert is the one whose data has been ‘inputed’ e.g phonenumber. I am confused of where to place the alert. I am using an audio alert plugin.

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Hi there.

If you’re using this plugin for audio alerts I see it has an action Play Alert.
You could simply place the action after the Create new thing in workflow steps. See example:
When a user clicks on a button, a new thing is created (Answer) and the next step is to play an audio alert that a thing was created.

Hope this helps.

To that I understand. Where I find tricky is… when I place the alert action there and I give it a constraint of who should receive the alert… will the user who created the form for example also hear the alert? I want the person who the form is sent to to be the only one getting the alert

I have created constraint in the ‘only when’ input. Hope that’s the way it should work

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