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How to create an HTML preview using Bubble?

I would like to build a little application that has the below functionality:

  1. user can paste email HTML into a text area
  2. there should be a preview pane that can display the given code in a desktop, mobile, tablet view
  3. and I should be able to define how the preview should behave (invert colors, etc)

I tried using the HTML element in Bubble, but that didn’t help. Is there a way somehow to build this using the available toolset?

As a suggestion - try putting the html content into an iframe. ie take the value of the text area and put that inside an iframe (use an html element to create the iframe)

Awesome, that actually works.

Combine this with drag and drop and you can actually build your no code platform on Bubble :grinning:

Update: And it is probably already there (or at least in some shape or form):


It does include full preview, import/export, dynamic tags, and a ton more :slightly_smiling_face:

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