How to create an input for only Hours and Minutes?

A very simple question, how to create two different inputs that would change the Tasks’ date (hours and minutes) like this:


Would be even better without the “save” button (if it could work by auto binding).

I have successfully pulled hours data and minutes data by extracting the integer from the date, but I’m really struggling with how to save it back.

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This is pretty easy,

To do this without having a save button, you just need a workflow that happens when the Input Value has changed;

So I created a group that just looked at the last appointment in the database and displayed the hour and minute in their respective inputs.

Then I added the workflows to Make a Change when those input’s change. If Hours change, we change the Appointment’s arrival’s Hour only to the new value. Same thing with the minute;

And then I added an alert to signify that something has happened, I refreshed the page and verified what I changed it to had saved.


Thank you @bcart0v , this actually was pretty easy.

What’s the best way to limit the input to only 2 decimals (to prevent it for example to type 101)?

Here’s how mine is set up. For the hours I set a range from 0-12, and minutes 0-59, so anything outside of that would be invalid

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Thank you @bcart0v ,

Just one more thing, how would you create a new date within a thing (make change to a thing) if the time (date) is empty?

So literally, I have a task but it’s Time (which is date) is empty.

I did what you mentioned and it worked when Task already has a Time, but I’m not sure how to create a new Time?

I’ve figured it out, I’ll leave it here for someone in case for finding a solution :slight_smile:


It all depends on how your data is set up, so you could do the following (Mine is pretty rough because my data structure isn’t set up for something like this, but hopefully you’ll get the idea)

So in my example, the Group has an appointment assigned to it, so when you make a change to that field, it just changes the field. I’ve changed it to, Make a Change to Appointment with a Only When Parent Group’s Appointment Isn’t Empty.

Then, I do a Create a New Appointment, set the date as todays date (Or whatever date you would like) but change the minutes to the input’s value, and only do this when the Parent Group’s Appointment is empty. That way we create it.

Edit: Forgot one thing, if you use my method, be sure to set the group as the data for the parent group, otherwise if you change it again, it’s creating a new record because nothing was set (If that makes sense)

Alternatively, You could create 2 workflows for when the input changes value, one for if the Parent Group’s data is empty, and one for when it isn’t. Again, if you create the data make sure to set it as the parent group’s data so you can then make changes, and aren’t stuck creating new ones.

But it looks like you got it!

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