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How to create Blacklist?


I’m trying to build a blacklist off domains to prevent disposable email addresses to sign up to my service.

I’ve found a solution on the forum but it does not seem to work anymore: How to create a blacklist/whitelist email list

  • I have a database of domains
  • I extract the domain in the address with the Bubble built-in function
  • I want to trigger a popup if there is a match

When I make test the count is 0 even if the domain used do appear on my database.

Any thought on how I could solve this?

I’m totally open to another technique to build a blacklist, especially if it is faster (checking thousand of lines with a Do A Search function takes time)

Domain is a list of texts right?
Make sure of the spellings, also Bubble is case sensitive.
Otherwise, I don’t see any issues with that Workflow.

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Also make sure you check your privacy rules.

It was the privacy rules! Thanks for the help

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