How to create clickable Link elements

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How do I create an input element that recognizes when the user has entered a link in order to make it clickable?

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Use REGEX to identify if the entered value is a link or not, next on the basis of this, you can make it clickable.

Thanks for the feedback Alan. Where do I find Regex?
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What you can do is, whenever there is a change in value of input, you can run a workflow to check if it is a link or not.

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Sounds like the way to go Mate. I am struggling to find this workflow commands… can you kindly do a step by step explanation for how I can get to this? Thanks

Apologies for the late reply.

Here is a step by step way to get here,

Step 1; Create the input field
Step 2: go to workflows and create a workflow “When an input’s value is changed”
In the only when condition add your check with “extract with regex”, you can use the one which I have shared or look online for better regex check for links.

REGEX - ^(?:http(s)?://)?[\w.-]+(?:.[\w.-]+)+[\w-._~:/?#@!$&'()*+,;=.]+$

Step 3 - in the workflow set a custom state if it satisfies the condition.

Step 4 - on the basis of the custom state you can add a condition on input field to make it clickable or not


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