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How to create customer profile and save data which he uploaded before signing up

Hi guys, I am having 2 troubles with userflouw. Firstly user uploaded his photo on some page to see how his profile will look, than signing up

  1. how to save their photo in database if s/he uploaded before signing up? Why I do not see in the database the downloaded photos even after this user registration? May be I doing some thing wrong?
    Then this page should be stay his own library (with all uploaded photo)
  2. How I can show this photo on another page with replace some other user photo ?
    Biggg Thanks for help me

If you want the User to reference and see their photo at a later time without being logged in, then make sure when they Upload the photo that you then have a workflow that saves the Image to an image field on the Current User. However, this image will only be viewable by the Current User, and can’t be referenced any other way.

This will save to the Anonymous User, and as long as their Cookie is valid, which I think lasts a few days, then they will be able to see the picture if you reference an image field as Current User’s [Saved Picture Field]

If you want to save the picture and reference it on another page for others to view, you will need to create a New Data Type with a field for the image, and then Create this New Data Type and save the Image to this when the User uploads the image

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