How to create double entry table

Hi, I’m struggling to build a double entry table.

I need to have a matrix of people(rows) and events (columns), where each cell would show the availability of that person for the relevant event. What complicates things is that I have to be able to add either new people (by row) or events (by column).

I tried with nested repeating group, but I’m not able to source the parent’s repeating table element (e.g for a person’s row, I would select the relative column’s event).

My data structure looks like:

  • Person (name)
  • Event (name)
  • Booking (person; event; status)

The output would be something similar

How would you structure your data? How would a nested repeating group work?

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I have the same issue. I have a RG inside a RG, but I can’t find a way to reference the outer RG from within the inner RG.

There’s a little trick … put a group inside the outer RG, then everything else in the cell and in the inner RG can reference the group.