How to create downloadable slides?

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Does anyone know of a plugin or API which converts our data into slides, preferably downloadable ?

More details :

We have a requirement to transform data into slides, just like power-point or a similar format like for example. It is ideal that these slides are downloadable. Ultimately these will be part of an app which helps users to project these slides on to a projector / TV.


A quick and dirty way would be build the slides as a Bubble page that can be exported to PDF. There are many web/HTML to PDF plugins and APIs that can address this. I’m partial to this new one:

It’s very easy to set up and has substantial options.

A more advanced technique would be to interface to an api or library for handling PowerPoint format. A quick google for “PowerPoint api” brought me to this (and surely there are others):

Looks promising, but I’ve not used it.

You can also make good use of the Google Slides API, Then using the Google Drive API to export slides in your required file types.

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Good point. Everything MS Office has a Google equivalent, more or less!

Thanks @PWC and @keith

Let me first try the Google sheet options and report back how I went. Cheers.

@PWC did you use google slides ? I am having a lot of permission issues with google to access google drive and google slides. They sent an email sayinng I should proove ownership of the DEV site which is something like When I try to even validate it, google is asking to confirm I “own”!

I guess I need to post a seperate thread. Thanks anyways.

What did you end up using?

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