How to create fixed categories and allow users to select from those?

Hi guys!

I am basically trying to create this exact same page:

I want to create a fixed number of categories and then allow users to select on them. Then those topics get assigned to the user as they select it.

I am getting really confused with the database part here. Do I create a separate datatype called categories and list all the 100 categories here? If I do this, how do I assign pictures?

Or should I run a workflow over a button with the topic name and assign that topic name whenever the user selects that category?

Has anyone created such page before? What did you do?

Hi harshala,

Yes, you would just create a new datatype category with fields text and image.
Then you can create your own admin page to create categories (if button create is clicked, create a new thing, category, with text of input and image of picture uploader).

Then on your topic page you would have a repeating group that is “Do a search for: Categories”. that displays in it current cells category text and category image.

Finally the user has a field called list of categories, that is a list of categories.
The user can then click categories in the repeating group and then they are added to the current users list of categories.

In another repeating group type categories, source, current users list of categories these categories can then be shown to the user.

If the user clicks them then just articles with that category, can be shown.

Hope this is clear for you?


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Yes! I will work on these lines…thank you!

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