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How to Create Login for Users with different Role?

  1. I need to create a login for Doctor and Patient it has has to be a separate login.
  2. While Signup Doctor and Patient credentials should get stored in their respective folder.
  3. Condition - Doctor shouldn’t be able to login Patients login page and vice versa.
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Yes, you can create new field in the user table called permission / role. Use this field for identifying / storing the user is doctor or patient.


May I know. How to use that role or permission as condition to navigate Either Doctor or patient to their respective pages while Login or SignUp.


Editor for Doctor Login:

Login button action:

You can do the same for Patient Login & follow the sigup to set permission doctor/patient based on page access.
Note: it can be work if you are not applying privacy rules. Otherwise need to follow alternative way to proceed the login with help of backend api
Please refer : Restrict user login depending on user status - #4 by viable

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Thanks Bro.
I hope this will help me to solve the problem.

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Yes create new field called Role. You can have the two roles doctor and patient as option sets. Then on signing up you can use url parameters and have one for both roles so that it saves each user with their respective roles. In the conditionals you’ll say if current user’s role is … (doctor) then…

Thanks for your solution.

I tried it but it is asking to include email. May I know where I made mistake.


Kindly ensure, any privacy rules are there for user table?
If so please share screen.


Just for now, remove your privacy rules for the user table and try now.

Removed Privacy rules and it is working. Can’t we make it work with Privacy rules?


Yes, possible. Need to find the alternative way. Please look at the forum link that I shared above

Ok bro, thank your patience and timely help…

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