How to create multiple notifications?

I am looking for any information that can help me to find the proper tactics. I need to create a list of things from several values of the field containing the list.

A user created a ‘Post’ and wants to share this post only with several selected users. He selects their names in the field - (‘Share With’ - ‘User’ - ‘List of Users’). Then presses ‘Save’.

Then I suppose I should create a workflow that creates several ‘Notification’ materials having fields ‘Content’ ‘Receiver’ ‘Sender’ ‘Post Name / Link’. When the receiver opens the ‘Post’, the ‘Notification’ relevant to this ‘Post’ gets deleted.

Now the questions:

I am trying to understand whether this strategy of creating Notifications is right.

  1. Is it correct to create separate ‘Notification’ for each user?
  2. Or it is better to create one ‘Notification’ containing several users? And each time each user whos name is in this notification opens the post their name is removed from this list. And when the field of ‘Notification’ is empty - the Notification gets deleted.

I tried to find tutorials on ‘Schedule API workflow on a list’ operation but haven’t found relevant ones. Trying to use it and getting errors. If you know a good article on ‘Schedule API workflow on a list’ or any other tutorial - please send me a link.

Thank you in advance!

This would probably be my approach. On page load a query for notifications with a constraint of “usersToNotify contains current user

Thank you!

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