How to create pop up windows that load from the left and have arrow on top to go back to previous page

There’s probably an answer on here somewhere but I don’t know how to phrase my search. I’m not sure it’s a pop-up I’m needing but the easiest way to describe it is an example: In my spotify app if I’m looking at the home screen and then hit an album, a page slides in from the left showing me the album song list and then has an back arrow on the top left corner of the screen. That’s what I am trying to do. I don’t want it to look like it’s going to a whole other page, even though it is, just to have one come in that then can be exited out of back to the main page. Thanks for any help. Again, probably an easy thing, I just don’t know what it’s called to search for it here. Cheers!

Hi @clay2.

If I understand your question; you’re asking how to do popups slide from right to left or if you go back from left to right?

If that’s the question, take a look in Element actions → Animate

thank you! I think you nailed it. I tried it and am pretty sure it’s going to serve my needs. Cheers!

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