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How to create raiting with external API data?

Hello, everyone.

I’m creating a website with finance-related study materials and tests. Part of the idea is to display rating of users based on accuracy of their answers to tests.

The rating should be definitely real-time updated. Data for rating are sourced from Google Sheet (via Blockspring), which are in turn sourced from TypeForm (btw it’d be great if you could add TypeForm plugin).

As of current moment I cannot understand how to construct such rating. Is it possible? If so - it would be highly helpful for me.

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Can you keep the original question if it can help other users? Or just delete the post?

lol. what problem? @Kirill21

Hi, Emmanuel

I’ve returned original post.
I wanted to delete it but didn’t understand how (couldn’t find “delete” button) :neutral_face:

By the way the problem is not fully resolved. I did understand how to create ratings. But can’t do it with data from external API.