How to create such a workflow with this logic?

How to create such a workflow with this logic:

If N > 1, then N=N-1 and terminate this workflow
Else (If N <= 1)
Execute a bunch of other steps

I’m having brain fog just thinking about this. If I do it as below, this would fail in the case of N = 2, as both steps will be executed (when ONLY the 2nd one should be so).

Any suggestions or hints are most appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S. No, I don’t think I can specify the condition at the workflow header (under “Only when…”). Because this custom event is scheduled and N is unknown until it’s being run…

Schedule two custom events 0.01 seconds delay. Don’t put any condition on the schedule actions, but put the N > 1 and other condition on the custom events themselves

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Thanks! Let me try to digest this :slight_smile:

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It is late and I’m just guessing that will kind of evaluate them without conflicting, I guess see if it works cause there might be a better way :rofl:

If this is a button press then it would be better if you duplicate the work flow on the same button, and put the opposite conditions on each.

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