How to create unique download link for email prospect

This is a pretty standard scenario… visitors comes to your site. They want to download a free PDF in exchange for their email. They inputs their email for access and then an email arrives with a unique URL for that document.

I know I could easily create the form to capture the email, and then provide the PDF via the exact same link to each individual, but the problem with that is the PDF link can be shared easily.

I want a unique URL for each email that I capture so I can track who actually downloads the file, and so that it can’t be shared because I will delete it after the initial download.

Any creative suggestions?


Create an “entry” data type with the necessary fields for tracking the email, the pdf url, etc. Make sure to create a y/n field called “downloaded?” and set it to default to “no”.

Create a page “download” with the necessary UI to welcome them, thank them and the ability to download the pdf

Email the prospect a url where they will have to navigate to … to download the url. This is your page “download” with the unique id of the “entry” for that specific user.

After the download is done change the downloaded? y/n field to “yes”

Build a flow that only loads the download page when the entry’s downloaded? is “no”

Hope this helps! :+1:t2:

Hi there, yes that totally makes sense.

If I’m understanding your scenario correctly, I would need to pre-populate the database with a multitude of unique URLs and corresponding PDFs, all in advance. Correct?

If you want to have assets to deliver … yeap! :slight_smile:

I am not sure about the unique URLs part. As I mentioned, each ENTRY will be created … thus it will have a new unique id each time.

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