How to customize the data in group?

Hi guys!

Quick context:

  • User has one or multiple folders created by [add a folder] and they can rename if they want.
  • In folders - has one or many notes.
  • User has default folders (can’t change name, delete, drag) like All Notes, and Trash.
  • I have data types:
    ** Note: (Title, Description, Folder)
    ** Folder: Title, List of notes

What I would like to do:

  • All Notes: Show all notes of users in all folders.
  • Trash: Show all archive notes of users in all folders.


  1. How do I set up the data for these default groups?
  2. Every time refresh the page, All Notes Folder always display first

Thanks in advance.

Oh @mikeloc , could you help me with?

for “All Notes” you well use RG to display all notes, in its data source search for notes, this will retrieve all notes of all users.

for “Trash” you need to add a field called “archived?” of type yes/no to note, and an another RG search for notes with constraint that archived? = yes

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Yeah, I already displayed all notes and trash as you mentioned by set up workflow when click on this tab.

But how about the folder setup? What’re types of folders “All Notes” and “Trash”?

Thank you @salemmo409

@romanmg Could you help me with this topic please

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