How to customize timer

Hi. I’m back here because I’m new to the bubble. I wanted someone to help me, I need a countdown, I bought a plugin but I don’t know how to use it, like it does a count in milliseconds, how do I display this count in minutes and seconds 00:00. An example of what I want. A 15 mm countdown, and another one in three. When the three starts, it will pause the 15, and when the three return ends the 15mm. any idea how I do it? I thank you for the support

You might want to link the plugin and maybe the intended flow.

Não sei como converter os milisegundos em minutos e segundos. Como faço isso?

One second is 1000 milliseconds, use that to calculate your needed milliseconds.

Naõ faço a menor ideia de como mostrar isso como minutos e segundos. se eu te mandar um link vc faz para mim?

Im not sure what you are trying to accomplish. If I understood, I might be able to help more.

Here is an example. if you want to show 5 minutes, 5 minutes as milliseconds is 300000.

Does that help?

A soma eu sei. mas como mostrar esses milisegundos em formato de minutos, usando texto?

You will have to let me see what you mean. I dont know what plugin you are using.

Vou te mostrar aqui o que quero na prática

Entra nesse link ai ttem uma demostração…?debug_mode=true

I am not able to see anything from that link. It shows me text on a screen, how can I help you create a solution if I cant see the builder?


Tenta agora -…?debug_mode=true

Ou nesse:

This is all I see, I need to see the builder not the live app.

Como faço pra te enviar o acesso?

you send a link to the builder.

One more thing:

ok, todos podem editar