How to deactivate Run as feature?


I am working on a “digital safe” project and as a matter of principle it would be necessary for me not to have access to the different information in the database.
So I can encrypt the texts and send the files like photos, videos, docs on another cloud.
But with the “Run As” feature I always have the possibility to connect to a user’s profile,
so does anyone know if it is possible to disable this feature?

Hi there, @raphael.vuillier… to the best of my knowledge, there is no option to disable the Run as feature. The assumption is that if you are able to access the App data tab, you already have access to all of the data anyway, so there wouldn’t be a need to disable that feature.


I also encountered that problem a few times when making concepts for social networking apps including private messaging. More critical even with financial applications.

For now I see the only way to guarantee that to have the data in encrypted in a 3rd party database.

Would be nice to hear the bubble teams opinion on this all-digital-privacy topic :pray: