How to define orders of popups in same level?

Hi there.
I’m building web page using multiple popups, but I don’t able to controle order for the popups, please help me if possible.
In the result, it is enough if I can know rule to order popups in the same page.

[background] First, I gave it up that nesting popup ,since it lead some structuring problems, and I adopted making multiple popup in the index page and I control statuses whether open those by URL parameter.
It is almost working expectedly.

[problem] But a situation that we need to open popup which like parent and another popup like child in the same time.

In the other words, as least, we have to manually define the orders of popups in the same page. Currently, we don’t know the rule to order popups.
On elements tree, popups seem to automatically ordered by certain rule (it seem not by appended time or alphabet).

Any know the rule?

Whichever popup you created first, is on the bottom layer…Bubble did do something recently to make it a bit better, but I don’t think they went as far as giving us control over the order they are shown.

Thanks for the advice.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I have found one solution to the above problem. It is a bit aggressive.

First, set IDs for various popups,
and set z-index !important in css for those IDs.
This will cause the grayout elements to be out of their proper position, but it works as expected in terms of the order.
In this case, the CSS for the entire site was written in the "Script in the body” section.

I hope this helps everyone.