How to delete a specific line within a nested repeating group?


I’v got a “master” RG that lists users’SKILLS. Inside, there’s another RG, showing multiple PRICEs for those SKILLs (one hour working, two hours,…). The relationship between Data types is that, into the SKILL Type, I got a field called Pricelist, which is of course a list of PRICE.

I put a dropdown input at the master level, allowing the user to add pre-definite PRICEs among a list. This works great.

If the user deletes a SKILL, every PRICES he has encoded are also deleted, which is great, again.


If I add a button whose workflow tries to delete just a PRICE, and if this PRICE is unfortunatly used for another SKILL, the two lines showing that specific PRICE both disapear, and, well, this is less great :slight_smile:

I tried a lot of combinations, but very few are accepted, and none give me what I’m trying to do.

The filter that deletes both lines is this one :

“Make change to a list of SKILLS”, with SKILL as type of thing, “Current User’s Competence” as List to change, and “Pricelist remove Parent group’s PRICE” as field to change.

Help would be really appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi everyone,

Another big succes with this post hahaha.

I found some workaround : I’m using two dropdown selectors. The first one to add some item, the other one to remove it.

What I didn’t find is a way to specify some “This PRICE’s this SKILL” at the bottom level of the nested RG.

If anyone knows, I’m still interested as my workaround makes my app less consistent.