How To Delete Text Using Regex - [font] Tag Removal

Hey you Regex Gurus…

I want to remove the [font] tags from some text. I know the regex to find the two tags:

[font=Arial] regex is \[font=.*?\]
[/font] regex is \[\/font\]

So now I want to do a search and replace, using the regex in the search term. But Bubble doesn’t seem to allow me to do that.

Do you know a Bubble based solution? Or do I need to write a little plugin to do it?


Why does it not allow you to do that? You can use regex in “:find and replace”.

Edit: I think i misunderstood you here. I would assume that bubble doesn’t see the tags as part of the actual text.

Hi there @reger-alexander… no you didn’t misunderstand, I was somewhat asleep when I wrote the post. I’ve found it now!

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