How to Delete the page's data source

I need to create a workflow that deletes the source from which the page gets data, not the data entry, but the value of the page, because I need to “reset” all the page’s data.
Is it possible?

Hello @quidsicurezza

Interesting. I can only think of using the action “Go To Page” to reset it to another value. This if, as I understand this, … that page has its “Type of Content” established.

I believe you can search and modify any data anywhere in your app.

Assuming you’ve successfully deleted / modified that data, you can probably just refresh the page using this action:


Not sure how your app is structured but can’t you just use states? (assuming the data is temporary)

You’re required to pass some data when a page has a content type.

States like @ntabs said will likely be your best bet. Would need to know what you’re trying to do exactly to get you a better answer

I need that when the user navigates to another page and then clicks on the browser’s “Back” button, there is no information on the page he visited before.

The states are not useful to me because the source from which the page takes the data remains set in the page, even if I change the state

You’ll use custom states for this

You won’t use page content anymore, you’d move completely to states if that’s how you want it to work.

Custom state don’t change the data taken from the previous page source

I need to have a source, because is a dinamica page which changes based on data from the previous page

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