How to detect all displayed and viewed products in RG

There is a type “Product”, and a field named “Count_Impression” in it.

Each time when page is loaded, we will display 3 products, which with most small “count_impression” value, in a RG . And when page is scrolled down to that RG (that 3 products are in it), we could know that visitor saw these 3 products. And then we trig a workflow to ad “+1” to these 3 product’s “Count_impression” field.

Next time, when page is loaded again, we will display another 3 products with most small “count_impression” value, and then continue above process again.By doing these, we could make sure all products are displayed equally.

My questions are:
1, How to know which 3 products are displayed in that RG?
2, How to automatically (when page scrolling position reachs that RG) trig a workflow to ad “+1” to these 3 product’s “Count_impression” field without clicking any element?

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