How to detect if online or offline?

How can my bubble app detect if the user is online or offline?

For example, if the users internet connection goes down or if he is viewing my app on a mobile device and enters an area with no WIFI and no mobile data, I need to know about it.

Right now I am placing my PC on airplane mode (so no Internet connection) and my app continues to execute database writes with no error message. Is this a bug with the bubble platform?

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The app will save stuff locally and try to save that on the server after the connection comes back (if early enough). However, we don’t support offline apps per se yet and therefore don’t expose a way to track if the user is online or not.

Ah, you answered my question from another thread.

Just to confirm… Does it only try to save later when you are on the same page ?

Thanks for the answers.

I think at the very least there must be a way to tell that the user is offline.
Its embarrassing for me that my users clicks my “save data” button and do not get an error message that saving is impossible since they are offline.

I would say this should go to the very top of the to-add list.


Yes (and again, it’s not supposed to be reliably working after a few minutes). Bubble is not supporting offline apps right now.

Hi Emmanuel, is there any update on this? We need a way to tell if a user has lost connection to the internet since opening our web app on their phone. Thanks offline alert plugin by @jarrad

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What about detecting if a user is working in an old version? As I mentioned in another thread (New version after deployment not always clear for users) this has been a real issue with my users.

Having more tabs open or open a tab from cache can result in the black bar not to be shown, thus giving the impression a user is not in the latest version. I have had users lose data because they were working a page, submitting data and never having to refresh the browser…

@vincent56 I would say you should goto look at Refreshed Plugin by @jarrad.

I know about its existence but I don’t think it solves that problem… maybe it works through another mechanism than the black bar but if not (which I think it does, it probably just modfies the css?) I don’t think it matters.

In fact, i think this is more a Bubble thing. But hopefully this will be a thing of the past soon with non-refresh pushes.

take a closer look…it actually detects bubbles method of firing into old version

Ok will do thanks.

Thereis only one right?
Refreshed FREE

yup that’s the one

@jarrad should hire a marketer :rofl:

@jarrad does enough to offer help to people…the least they can can do is take the time to visit his site and find out the rich set of plugins he offers.

Oh yes, you don’t have to preach to the choir :smiley:

I’m saying he builds amazing stuff but the fulll scope of its capabilities isnt always very clear. In fact I should be working on a tutorial implementing parts of various plugins but because of his development rate a new solution will be coming. That would be the best to help him sell his stuff. Show what you can do with it so others adopt easier.

Better let him develop and make some money on what he builds while the community promotes his work!

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