How to detect installed software (and version) on client terminal?

Hi everyone,
I build an education desktop app where users will create an account.

During the on-boarding, I want to save them the pain of answering questions like their…

So here are my questions: is there a plugin or a way to…

  1. Detect if a specific piece of software is installed on a machine (and more precisely, Microsoft Excel - which, I guess, is always installed in the path on MacOS or Windows),
  2. Detect its version.

Thanks to you all !

I created a plugin as Blur Apps : Get Browser & Viewport Properties Plugin | Bubble to help with something like this. Give it a go!

There are also some alternatives available in case it doesn’t do exactly what you need it to

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Free plugin developers are why I have hope for the future. Thank you

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You can try to guess Os and browser with the help of plugins (as suggested), but there is no way to have access to a list of software installed in the device because you don’t get that kind of access with a browser.

That’s what I was afraid of… Thanks for you relevance.