How to differentiate Stripe webhook events by Account ID?

I have Bubble endpoint connected to several Stripe accounts. When the event comes in I need to know from what account it was implemented. I have no idea, how can I do this. I can’t use secret ID of my user because I don’t store it in DB. Account ID “Retrieve Account info” give me a little info about account

Can’t you use an API GET to consult deeper information about the transaction?

You can put an id in the “description” and it comes back on the webhook.

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Is it secure to store account id in the webhook event?

Webhook event has no “descrption” parameter in its JSON. I would try to use “metadata” instead

metadata is always empty when event comes

solution is to generate URLs with unique parameters and then read them when receive new event using this [New Feature] Ability to read parameters in the URL for API workflow endpoints

It is on the api