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How to direct the DNS to page under construction?

Hi all, so i’m building my website and I bought the domain name but since the website is still under construction, I would like to hide it from the general public.

I’ve created a simple page to where it just says under construction and then i would like to have an input box to where people can put in their email address and then with that I can send them emails to let them know when the website is up and ready.

Has anyone had any experience with that or know where to start on that?


I’d start by doing the “Build a reddit-like app to vote on city names” tutorial in the list on the home page and look at the Send Email action - it’s really easy to use and fun to play with.

Let us know if those two don’t do the trick!

Thanks George, Ill give that a shot and see where it gets me.

Hey George, Thank you for the suggestion, I completed the tutorial and it did help with emailing the visitor. So that one is completed.

Is there any way now to direct the person visiting to a specific page like my “under construction” page instead of having it go directly to the index?


You can swap the index pages around with an option on the Edit menu.

So set your holding page to index for now, develop your new landing page elsewhere, then swap back.

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You can use a page is loaded event that redirects the user to whatever page you want.


Thank you both @emmanuel and @NigelG

I found using the “Page is loaded” event easiest. Much appreciated.


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