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How to disable input in Dropdown element when it loading?

Hello Bubble’s Community,

Source for Dropdown box - API
condition - when input text in left filed is not empty

so, when I typing something in left input field - the state of Dropdown changing to “Loading…”
User can click on Dropdown at this moment - but it’s wrong because Dropdown still loading.

Can I disable Dropdown iteraction when it loading ?

Thank you.

can’t you set “This input is disabled” by default. And then, when (Page is loading entire) is true, uncheck it in the conditional formatting ? This is how I did it.

Thank you, but it’s not my way.
User can search many times and each search set Dropdown as “loading…” (I mean loading content of Dropdown)

I see another way - when user typing in a search field can I clear Dropdown content ?

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