How to disable: That email is already in use

I am creating an app where sign up is necessary. To test this, I am using my own email. However, I cannot use my own email more than once because I get the built in alert that the email is already in use. For testing purposes, how can I disable this alert.

User burner-emails for testing
Edit: nvm do what @dbevan said

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You don’t want to try and disable anything. Instead, use the following method for testing with the same email.


Original email = [email protected]
Testing email #1 = [email protected]
Testing email #2 = [email protected]

Your app will view the above example as 3 separate users. However, any emails that the app sends to one of your testing emails ([email protected] for example) will be sent to your Original email ([email protected]).

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for sharing this tool. Never seen it before. Definitely seems useful!


Thank you.

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