How to disable the page load pop up


I have a pop up on page load which I want the user to have an option to disable. I tried button and check box but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas how to deploy it?

Hi @knowaczy

  • You can store the users preference in the database as a new field in the Uses table called for example “show popup” (type = yes/no)

  • User can toggle this value with a checkbox. When the checkbox is pressed run a workflow: make changes to a thing → current User → show popup checkbox’s value.

  • in your workflow where you show the popup in page load, add a condition on that workflow (where is says “only when…”) and say "current User’s show popup is yes.

All the best

Thanks! Let me try that :slight_smile: but…how do you trigger a workflow with a checkbox pressed?

If you right click the checkbox, select start a workflow, the default action should be “when a checkbox value changes”. That gets triggered anytime the box goes from unchecked to checked and vice versa.

Thanks again! However when I put the restriction “only when” the pop doesn’t show at all :(. I will need to find a work around it or drop pop up alltogether

It’s probably a condition somewhere that isn’t quite right - Could you share screenshots of the relevant workflows, and the conditions tab of your popup element.

sorry for late reply. I found a workaround for now. I want to push my platform to the market so no need for it to be perfect at the moment. If the offer picks up I will be beautifying it on the go :slight_smile:

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