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How to display a list of members or followers not working

I am trying to display a popup list of members on my profile page but the list just is not showing up. I can do a count of members but I can’t show the full list of my members in my popup. Thx for anyone help.

Hi there, @scaffeoa… it would probably help if you could post some screenshots, but the first thought that comes to mind is privacy rules. Any chance you have rules in place that are getting in the way?


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Thanks Mike…no, it is not privacy issue…i just want to display a list of members/followers which is set to be a list of users…there is the option of “contains list” but that does not work…it is something simple I am missing…

i got that to work…just the members part one

Hmm, I’m not sure what that means. You were able to get followers to display but not members?

My members were on a different page than my follower’s page. I need to connect it to a user somehow…

How do you define a member within the context of the current page’s user? Is there some relationship between them?

Here is my data setup… type of content on the page is space…trying to setup a popup that shows the members on my space page…ignore the followers on this page as the followers was added to a profile page where the current page user registered things well

Okay… if the type of content for the page is Space, you must be sending a particular thing in the Space data type to the page when the page is accessed/loaded. So, if the page knows what space it is referencing, you should be able to display (via a workflow action) the Current Page's Space in the popup when the popup is shown, and then you will be able to access that space’s Members in the popup.

Hey Mike…I did a display data in the WF and selected the pop element in question and still having issues…i just want to display one member at a time even the “members” is a list of users. I can display the Current page space but cant display one member at a time…see Quora’s contributors can display one member at a time …

Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by one member at a time. Are you talking about displaying the members in a repeating group in the popup (that’s kind of what it seems like based on the link you included)? If so, that should be easy enough to do by making the data source of the repeating group something like Parent group's Space's Members.

tried the RP with the parent source space’s members - does not work…returns the list of “count”, “contains” and so on…you stated “Are you talking about displaying the members in a repeating group in the popup”…yes…one member at a time but its a list of members. There’s is something behind it all that I need to connect somehow.

Maybe sharing a link to your editor (privately) is the way to go because I’m still not getting it. If you have a repeating group with a data source of Parent group's Space's Members and then you put a text element in the repeating group to display a member’s name, you should be good to go.

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