How to display a list of text in different cells of RG?

I have an input field which accepts list of text data type (NOTES). I want this list which can be updated multiple times to be displayed in different cells of a RG.

The input is being saved like this

I am making a change to NOTES and adding the input’s value

The RG is set up to do a search for Job Posts and NOTES data type.

And finally the text field in the RG where I want the NOTES list to be displayed is set up like this

The output of this is that all the complete list of notes is displayed in one single cell.

How to separate them into different cells?

You need another RG instead of your text where the source for the RG is current cell’s NOTES and then include a text field within the RG where the appearance is this cell’s NOTE.

Works perfectly. Any idea how to sort in decreasing order. I applied the descending sorting on the Main RG (the one which encloses the sub RG) but there is no change

You need to sort the new/second RG.

If Notes is just a text field you might have a hard time sorting and doing other things later. It might need to grow up to be its own data type.