How to display a list of things based on the result of a formula?

Hey Bubble Community!

I have a problem: I’m trying to show a list of things in a repeating group only if they meet certain criteria. I want to display events that are at least 75% sold (so display any event that has sold at least 75% of seats) based on 2 data types 1. How many people are attending and 2. How many tickets there are. How would one go about this? Where can I input the formula (# of people attending / # of tickets available > .75) as criteria?

I have tried doing a search for but don’t really know where to do the operation.

Would really help me a lot, thanks!

Hi there, @jeronimo… if I was doing what you described, I would probably simplify things by having a percent sold field on the Event data type, and I would update that field (likely using a backend workflow) every time a ticket is sold for an event. The way you have it now, I believe you would have to use an advanced filter, and that would probably be pretty inefficient because the search would return all of the events to the client (browser), and then the calculation in the filter would be applied to get the right events.

Anyway, just food for thought there, and I hope it helps.



Thats a great idea! I’m going to try it out.

I’m also struggling on similar thing but with dates. I want to display all events that are closing in less than 3 days. How would you do that?

While what @mikeloc says is accurate in Bubble, this is a terrible waste of resources and one should be able to compute derived values from two lists (e.g., your list of total tix / each item in the list of sold tix) except that Bubble doesn’t let you do this in a sensible way.

But you could use the List Math action in Floppy to compute this on the fly (there’s also a backend version).

Bubble needs to stop the insanity already with the lack of support for such operations.


You can do that with search constraints that look something like this.

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Thanks for your help @mikeloc!

For future refrence, I saw you offer support at an hourly rate, where can I contact you?

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Totally agree with you @keith , I’ll give Floppy a try!

Happy to help, @jeronimo, and feel free to send me a direct message via the forum any time.

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