How to display data from current cell index outside the Repeating Group?

I’m stuck on this issue:

My repeating group displays results every 5 seconds. But I want the category of the 3 items currently on display to display above the repeating group as a heading. How do I do that?


Maybe create a custom State on the parent group, or page, then set it with the category value from the repeating group. Finally use a text element that gets its value from the custom State.

Thanks Kfawcett but as the repeating group is set to display the next 3 dogs every 5 seconds, I don’t know how to get the changing category. I can set the page state or text state to be the category of the first dog, last dog, random dog etc. but can’t work out how to set the state to be the current category User is looking at.

I’ve ‘solved’ this with a bit of a hack. The heading at the top of the page that is supposed to display the Dog Category - I’ve just changed this to its own repeating group that pulls back a category from its own table in the database, displays it in the same order as the dog results below and then shows it every 5 seconds as well.

So the two repeating groups are not related at all but every 5 seconds they are both in sync so User is none the wiser. :slight_smile:

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