How to display data from index to resultpage

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thank you for taking the time reading my post :slight_smile:

I’ve almost finished an (unfinished) application I’ve been playing with for a while.

I’m stuck at probably a simple & stupid thing, but stupid questions don’t exist :smiley:

The problem

I’ve got on my index page a input where you can type in the service you’re looking for.

As e.g. a logo designer.

I want that whenever someone has typen something in the input bar and presses the button ‘‘Zoeken’’ (Search). to go to the ‘‘result-page’’ and have all the data seen that matches there input. (freelancer who create logo’s).

It’s a template of @Thimo, but the ‘‘result-page’’ is a ‘‘Category page’’ where you can press the categories and can have a search in them for data.

How can I make the input from the index work that whenever you insert a text, it transfers you to the ‘‘result-page / category-page’’ with the text already insert on the input bar on the category page?

I hope it make senses, otherwise I’ll create a video about it.

Thanks for reading,

You would go to navigation in the workflow and select the results page but also add a key (beneath add data to url). Then type a random key and for its value input the search bars value.

Then on the new page set the search bars value to get data from url and retype that key you made up.

I’m trying it… won’t work… am I doing something wrong? shall I make a video for you to show it?

Hi jack,

I made a simple test app for you where can see how to transfer data from one page to another using URL parameters:



Let me know if this helped.

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Hey Thimo, thanks for clearing it up by providing a example of how it works.

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