How to display files from an API call into a repeating group

I’m trying to allow users of my app to retrieve a list of audio files from Firebase storage and display the name and image (image is in the metadata) of the audio files into a repeating group. Then allow them to select one and play the audio files using an audio player plugin.

I don’t see an option to display the list of files from the API call in a repeating group. It only has an option for one file in the data source of the group and shows incomplete (red) in a repeating group.

Below is a link to a test version of my app.
See the data source in the repeating group called “RepeatingGroup Call FB API list”. It only has an option for “Firebase API - Call FB API”.

I’m looking for “All Firebase API - Call FB API”

Below is the link to the test page. Only the visible elements relate to the problem. There is only one API call that is linked to Firebase (I removed the private access keys)

Start by changing the Call FB API to a Data call not an action

Thanks, I changed it. Do you know what I have to change in order to get an option for “All Call FB API” in the datasource of the repeating group?

Have you tried running it since?

Yes. The datasource in the repeating group is still showing up red as incomplete.

not sure, it’s possible how the call is setup, but idk. can you send me a screen shot of the data the api call initialized?

When i try to re-initialize it I get an error message saying:
“error”: {
“code”: 402,
“message”: “Quota has been exceeded for this project. Please visit the Firebase pricing page to learn more.”

Do you know of a different way to get files from an external database like firebase?

What is the difference between data and action? If data is saving the file in the bubble database than that not what im trying to do.

No that’s not how that works.

sick. how does it work?

just like retrieving things from your database

super helpful thanks

Yer. We out here