How to display item one by one in RG?

Hello everyone,

I would like to create a chat. The page display a group containing a message like “Hello, how could I help you ?”. You don’t have to type anything with your keyboard. In fact, you have below this message, a list of suggestions you have to choose to answer. Then the answer is displayed just below the question.

Actually, I have a RG with two groups inside :

  • One for the questions
  • One for the answers

I’ve also another RG containing the suggestions to answer to suggestion asked by the web page.

I’ve also implemented a DB with two tables :

  • One for the questions asked
  • One for the answers

Now I’m meeting some difficulties to implement the chat itself. I don’t now how to implment it with this element.

Could you give me ideas to achieve this task by this way only, please ?



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