How to display items from a drag and drop group in a drop area (frustrated non-tech person here)

Hello, please help I’ve been killing my head over this so long!! I’m having trouble figuring out how to do this or where to even start… I’m making something for students to submit their projects using images and text. I want them to be able to upload their own pictures and edit the texts, and then drag and drop them where they want inside the blue box. Once they’re done, I want them to submit their project and have it be visible to all other students. Their submission wouldn’t show up in a repeating group though, it would be accessible through a seating chart I am creating for them (so when you click a student’s name on the seating chart it will take you to a page displaying their project).

I have this:

For data, I created a thing called Project. The fields are Images (field type image) and Texts (field type text) and when I created the fields I chose the “this field is a list” option for both… I’m really not sure if that’s the right setup for what I’m trying to do or if I need to create individual fields for each image/text they can add. As for the workflow… I’m even more clueless where to start.

When DropArea Project has a group dropped on it > Make changes to Project >

and that’s as far as I got. I’m sorry if some of these things seem straight forward or dumb I’m just terrible with technology. Your help will be GREATLY appreciated, thank you!

When any new file is added, it will need to be added to the correct list. Thus, you will make change to Project, but to what field of project? Either the list Texts or the list Images. What change are you making to the list? You will add an element to the list.
In other words, you are not directly adding an element to the project, but you are adding the element to a list field of Project. Thus, in the workflow:
Make changes to Project > [add field, select Texts] add [DropArea Project’s file]

I will need to see screenshots of your workflow and design to tell you exactly what to add where if you can’t figure it out. Does each Project have one image or multiple images? That part is a little unclear, because of the upload image below the submit. Do both texts and images get dragged and dropped, or only texts?

Hi thanks a lot for your reply ! Sorry I was unclear. Each project has several images and texts they can drag and drop around before submitting them. I added some things to the workflow like what you said but couldn’t really get it to work, here’s what I tried:

Input A is for the text (I added it the same way I did for the picture uploader), and Group Project is the white box group where I want what they submit to appear. Thanks a lot again!

Ok so now Bubble understands that the white box is set to the Project. But now how will Bubble know what to show in the white box? To tell it, you’ll need to create an image element inside the white box and set the source to Parent Group’s [image]. Likewise you’ll have to add a text box and set the text to Parent Group’s Text. Now here you really have a list of images and texts in Project. So what you really need to do is add a repeating group inside the white box, and add an image element in the cell, and set the RG’s data to Parent Group’s list of images. Likewise, add another RG with a text element in the cell, and set the RG’s data to Parent Group’s list of texts.

I strongly recommend reviewing at least 5-6 of Bubble’s how-to tutorials because they will save you a lot of time by walking you through concepts like these. It is worth the investment of time. Also do review a few YouTube tutorials and the like if you haven’t already done so.