How to display list of things in repeating group

Hi fellow developers,

my problem is this:
I have a trip (trip nr 180109) with our animal ambulance and I picked up two animals.
They are in the database RIT in a field called Rit_DIERNRS which is a list of things.
So they have animal numbers 180363 and 180364.
The information about every animal is stored in a separate database called DIER. Here is a field Dier_NR that corresponds to the numbers in the list of things field Rit_DIERNRS for each animal…


I want do display these 2 animals from this list of things field in my screen in a repeating group when I open a screen with trip number 180109.
My type of content in the RG is DIER.

So far so good.
What is going to be my Data Source to get each animals information on a different row in my RG?
And what do I put in my text field to show the numbers each on a different row?

Please advise.

Hi Polar,

I quickly set this up for you.

Hope it helps.


thanks very much for your example, but I found out I did not explain it right,
can you please take a look again at my problem and advise me Leonidas…

No problem.

I think you need to add the field Rit_NR to your DIER database to create a relational database with RIT . I changed it up, check out the link again and see if that answers your questions. If you share your editor with me I can try point you in the right direction.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Privacy > Security > Application rights and set to “Anyone can edit”. Then send me the URL link to your editor. You can also send it to me in a private message if you feel more comfortable with that.

Hi @leonidas.petrou4,

Feel free to edit:

Kind regards,


Hi Polar,

It should be working as desired now. I also added a dropdown input to select the Trip Number.

Let me know if this is what you wanted. Hope it helps.

Thanks @leonidas.petrou4,

It works nice!
This is my trip how it appears on the drivers screen of the animal ambulance

This is when the driver clicks on the little blue ambulance for extra information on his trip:

Only some fine tuning of the screen and your support saves me precious time finding out how to do it!
So happy with your input on this subject!

Thanks again!

Have a nice evening.

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