How to display/ not display list of a list when cliking a button

Hi everyone,

i’m struggling to do something. I would like to display a list of things (which are already a list of a parent list) when a button is clicked and only when a shape or button is visible.

My project

What i want to do : When i click on a category, the small round shape turns green. I can chose several categories, and once i’m done choosing, i click the validate button and a popup or a new page opens, and it only displays the list of the categories i chose before.

Any idea ? Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Hi @aurelien.houdeline

Looks like what you want to leverage is states, if I am understanding your problem correctly.

  1. When you click on a category, change the small round shape to be green + update a state somewhere keeping track of this (i.e. element’s state text is “green”)
  2. In your new page, send that state info and have the RG on that page filter based on that info.

Let me know if this makes sense.



Does each category have its own database or are they in the same database and are distinguished by a specific field?

Hey @Newed the problem is also that I’m not sure how to structure my database in that case. For now the main category are option sets and the sub category is in a database. I tried different options but could make it work for now.
@ziyadelbaz thanks for your tip, I tried many scenarios, I will try to follow yours and let you know :slight_smile:
Cheers for your advices guys

Hey guy, thanks for your comments, @ziyadelbaz i thought again about my workflow and the problem was that i wasn’t using the “only when” in my when action (trigger). So on a click, the system was lost between 2 states. I added “on click” AND “only when state is yes” for one, and “only when state is no” for the other and it works perfectly :slight_smile: Thanks again !

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