How to display orders by confirming two conditions

Hello all

I’m kind of new to bubble, I have created an ordering system, I have been able to do it by reading a lot and trial and error.

I have got to a point where I need to ask for help

I need to create a page where clients can check their order status without having to login

Basically I need them to input their email and their order number and by pressing the submit button I want to show them the order status in a pop up

I have tried many things with no success

Can some one tell me how to properly setup the conditions to be able to show the pop up with the information only when the conditions email and order number are met

I’m able to show the information by inputing only 1 of the conditions, but I need to have both conditions work in order to abound anyone having access to the information

I have the following data types


Thanks for your help

Order should have a user field type user
On the action show the popup set the condition when this order user email is not empty and this order number is not empty
Make sure to display the order on the popup

Thanks for you replay, but I can not get it working, I have been able to make everything else work on the app but this…

Hello, not sure if you have this solved already but to put simply (let me know if you need more in-depth explanation.

Have a page with two inputs (email & order number) and a button (search). and a reapeating group (orders. leave it empty by default on page load)

Then create a workflow when button is pressed; elements action > display data to the repeating group. Data to display is a search for orders with constraints using the inputs email and ordernumber. make sure on the inputs you select “This input should not be empty”

Thanks for the help, I got it working, there was an issue with the DB

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