How to display the data if the data of my column is matching with the current month in MMM-2023

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I have a question about displaying the data in a repeating group based on the matching month (Due Date - MMM) between my data like Nov-2023 and the current month. If they have matching, the row data will be displayed on the repeating group.

My page layout :

My data from App Data.

When working with dates in dynamic expressions we have operators that can be used to manipulate the dates, one of those operators is :formatted as which will allow you to change the format of the date. Essentially what this does is it translates the date into a text format, and you can format it as you wish such as your MMM-YYYY format.

So take the Maintenance Due Date and format as MMM-YYYY to compare it against whatever date you are going to compare it to in MMM-YYYY format to see if the two match, and if they do show the entry.

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