How to display the multiple google calendar IDs data on the Bubble Full Calendar?

Hi, Bubblers

I’m trying to display Google Calendar data from multiple Calendar IDs via API, but I’m stuck with it for 2 days.
For now, I’ve got 2 sets of lists of the 2 calendar IDs (the data is stored as “busy list3” and “busy list4” separately).

But the Bubble Full Calendar only allows referring to one data source, so I couldn’t show them at the same time.

The ideas I’ve come up with to solve it are:

  1. Get the 2 calendar data as the same type of event and the same list when I get the data via API.
  2. Create a new type of event and merge the data into one set of lists.

Does anyone know how to do them? Please share your knowledge.


If you’re looking for a calendar that easily accepts 2 data sources, check this out!