How to display time range from start to end time

Hi all
Iam building appointment applicationa and i dont know how to display timing range
by taking start time, end time and intervel

EX :
7.00 AM ( start time )
10.00 PM ( end time )
30 minutes ( intervel )

I need to show in drop down like
7.00 AM
7.30 AM
8.00 AM
8.30 AM

10.00 PM

can anyone help in this

Thanks in advance

There is a free plugin call CalendarTools…it will let you get set the interval and display the times like you need in a repeating group. Once you have that in the repeating group you can filter the repeating group on some variable to only show those times for start to end.

If you need more help on it send me a PM.

Hi @boston85719
Thanks for reply
what is that plugin name
and ya i need more help on this

In the PM we can discuss how I am able to help further as you could provide more details of where you are struggling once you install the plugin and attempt the process.

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